Should parents be the judge?

The guy I'm dating wants me to meet his mom. He once mentioned he introduced another girl to her and she hated her. He also stated she was right in the end. Are parents judgements always right? Would you listen to your parents advice on a person your dating? Any advice on meeting your partners parents?


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  • I would like to get my parents on board but no they won't have the final say in what I decide
    I respect them so yes they do get to have an input but its my life and they know that so they will simply give her the respect she deserves and she will have to do the same


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  • Outside judgments in general are usually better than your own. It's always easier to see flaws from the outside looking in.


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  • It never hurts to hear out what your parents have got to say but the final judgement should always fall on you (this case him). I mean what? Is he going to live by his mother's decisions forever? Can't he use his own head?


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