Would you block a girl you weren't interested in on whatsapp or just keep ignoring her texts?

He hasn't actually read them yet but he has been online. Not as much as he usually is though.


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  • I'd just ignore... blocking is for pussies...

    • Yeah, but would you deliberately not read it?

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    • He read them but didn't reply so I'm just gonna give him a couple of days.

    • sounds like a plan...

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  • I think he is ignoring the texts, otherwise you wouldn't be able to see when he was last online.
    It differs from guy to guy though. Some guys read the messages before going on whatsapp and then do not want to reply until a later time and some read the messages and still reply 3 hours later… Some guys look at the message and ignore it completely. Well, has he texted you before?

    • Yeah, we've been texting loads

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    • He is just stupid! That is not fair. Are you okay?

    • Gutted big time but what can I do? I really thought me and him were maybe going somewhere.


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  • Maybe he is out of coverage or at work

  • Blocking is rude, i would just ignore...

    • Yeah, but you would actually read the messages surely? Not deliberately avoid clicking into the convo?

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