How can I help my girlfriend when she's sick?

My girlfriend hasn't been feeling well the last few days. She's had a cough and a soar throat. She just woke up its almost 6:30 she rarely gets up this early she's not really a morning person but she said she couldn't sleep. She's laying in bed watching tv. She's been taking her medicine and drinking water she's still not feeling so good. In a way she's tired but she can't sleep. How can I help her?


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  • Make her some hot soup also get her medicine for night time that can help her sleep too. So that sh3 can rest.


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  • If she has a sore (not "soar") throat, you can make sure that she has foods to eat that will be soothing to her throat, like Jello, ice cream, chicken noodle soup. Make sure that she is set up with a comfortable place to rest, taking aspirin or ibuprofen to help with the sore throat, and insist that she see her physician of her symptoms do not resolve within a few days. The main thing you can do is to simply let her know that you are there, ready to take care of her, and reassure her that she is loved.