What does it mean when you hear your ex talks a lot about you to his new female interests?

I found out from a family member who happens to know a girl that my ex is dating that he apparently still talks about me a lot. I find that weird since it's been over 6 months since I ended things. Does that mean he still has feelings for me. I told him not to contact me again which he obliged except once when he did reach out to me on facebook but I just ignored it. Is it normal for a guy to talk about their ex to the new girl they are dating and obviously sleeping with?


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  • I sometimes talk about exes to be like that's what that bitch was like, so the new girl knows not to do the same shit or I'll be getting the fuck outta there! hahahaha

    • lol. Okay. But I hope he's not talking crap about me since I broke up with him because he was the problem. But I suppose it's normal in some ways.

    • Lmao when you break up with someone sometimes they run you because they're bitter!

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  • Yeah it's pretty normal. My boyfriend and I still talk about our exes because we both had bad luck with them. And it helps us not to repeat the same mistakes our exes committed with us.

    Here the important question is: Do you want him to have feelings for you? If no, then ignore such things and move on girl!

    • I don't care if he has feelings or not except for the fact when I ended things I ended it because he f**ked up bad repeatedly so I guess wanting recognition that he messed up is good but at the same time it's kind of embarrassing because I'd prefer he didn't tell anyone we dated cause I feel like an idiot for dating someone like him for so long and rather no one know.

    • Oh! I know how that feels. Well in that case it's really irritating and frustrating. Just ignore him because maybe he's doing this to get some kind of a reaction from you.


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  • It Means u made a real impact in his life

  • Yes, this means he's not over you, 6 months is still fresh with guys as we process things differently than girls. It is incredibly normal for a guy to do this but in time he will get over you based on what the info provided.

  • That he has new female interests.


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