So I have acne scars. Am I an ogre?

I've been dating this guy for the last 6 months. We are not exclusive, but I would like to be. We get along so well, always have a great time, a great love life. We're very compatible in every way. I had no idea he was embarrassed of me. We haven't met each other's family or friends. But I've shown a friend a picture of him and she sees him on a dating site and sets up a fake account. She starts messaging him and they apparently have talked about everything. Eventually they talk about who they're each dating. He said there were things he didn't like about me and one of them was acne scars. Yes I have those pockmarks on my cheeks from a horrible bout of acne in high school. I've never had any guys say anything about this before. I guess they weren't superficial. And I had no idea he was supeficial. He hasn't said anything to me. He never acted like he was embarrassed to be seen in public with me. He holds my hand and sometimes kisses me in public. Why is he with me if I look like an ogre? Should I just give up on dating because I'm an atrocity? Do guys date girls with acne scars? I haven't said anything to him yet and I'm not sure I want to say anything or even see him again.

I didn't ask her to do this and I really didn't need to hear this from her. It seems kind of crappy of her to do this. I told her not to tell me anything else. It's just a shock to hear that a guy you thought really liked you thinks you're ugly.


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  • My opinion is you shouldn't be with him , or if i truly want to be with him than confront him about it. Because if you dont you won't feel any better especially if your still going to be in a relationship with him. You should be with someone who is proud to have you, flaws and all. And your "friend" is not a very great one. I mean she should not have done that at least not in the way she did. But you shouldn't feel like that at all, because your not the only female who has acne scars, there may be some girls who have perfect skin but most don't. I have acne scars myself. Just go with your gut feeling because you deserve to be happy in a relationship, not put down. At least talk to him about it.


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  • Okay, honestly he sounds like a douche. First of all, he's on a dating site while you are dating? Second, the fact that he said that stuff just shows how truly shallow he is. Third, both of the above show that he does not care about you or your feelings.

    Don't be upset at your friend for doing that, it may suck to hear, but she is telling you for a reason. DUMP. HIM. No one should ever say that kind of thing about you, especially not your so called "boyfriend." What an asshole.

    You deserve MUCH better. Any good guy will see far beyond those little things you call "imperfections." I don't know you but I know for a fact that God made you unique and you are beautiful just. the. way. you. are! (= Inside and out. Embrace your differences. Don't listen to him.

    If there is ANY chance she could have lied about those things he said, or him being on there in the first place, you should definitely confront him about it.

  • You're not an ogre for having acne scars. Your imperfections are what make you perfect. Don't date a guy who doesn't see you as the princess that you are. Please break up with this ungrateful asshole.

  • Thats sad that your friend would do that, I agree. He didn't know it'd get back to you, so he doesn't know that this has affected you. Acne scars don't mean you're ugly, your friend really shouldn't have done that