What do women want from guys?

I am struggling with how to understand how I am supposed to attract them. I am attractive, I make good money, I'm smart, I have a good number of friends, and I am pretty friendly, but apparently I dont act the right way because women dont ever seem interested in me. I thought I was everything they ever wanted, I mean what kind of woman doesn't want a good looking guy with money who treats her right? If they dont like that then they must be crazy, I thought thats what they want but apparently they only want those things if the guy acts a certain way, go figure I get all those things and get screwed over for some other fault that I have no idea how to change. I can make myself richer, by just working harder, I can make myself more attractive (I just buy better clothes, change my hairstyle, etc), but I dont know how to change my personality to make women want me. Why do they have to go for such abstract things in men, why can't women just like tangible things. What do they really want that I am not providing them?


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  • trust

    • oh now GAG got the list

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    • But if you love yourself then people think you are cocky and girls say that is a turnoff. There is an extremely fine line between loving yourself too much and not enough, and it seems like girls want you to fall between that line. Meanwhile I dont even know where that line is, this kind of stuff is so difficult to decipher, it isn't like I can just call someone up and ask "How much self love is too much" because that isn't a measurable tangible thing.

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  • Women dont want anything from men, thats why they are trying to make it illegal for you to talk to them.


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  • I could care less about if he has friends or money. I want a portion of his attention, a taste of romance, and much respect. I also want someone who will act silly with me, and to top ot iff, he needs to be attractive in a sense

  • I can't speak for anyone else, but I like honesty, confidence, emotional attachment, attentiveness, the ability to laugh at himself,, independence, the ability to love a woman for who she is, and a wild sense of humor.

    That's all.

    • So how do I make myself those things? I can't just go out to the store and buy it, and I can't go to the hair cut place and say "make me honest, confident, and humorous"(although I wish I could). See my dilemma, I dont know how to be those things or what that entails.

  • I can't say all I want is a kind funny cute guy I can have fun with because not all guys who are all of those things are guys I'll develop feelings for. Its deeper and more complicated than that.

    Maybe you don't know how to put yourself out there

    • Please enlighten me how to put myself out there. Dating to me would be like studying astrophysics to you... I dont comprehend anything except that I want a girlfriend. No one told me how to act in relationships, no one showed me, I dont get much advice on the topic, I literally know nothing other then I am supposed to ask a girl out (although I dont know how to), any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • someone who is not a jerk and likes them more for who they are and not there size , look etc.


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