Guys Please help! Could you please read over my Online profile. I want some feedback?

I know is a lot of reading but I want an honest opinion. I get a notification every time someone looks at my profile but very few contact me. I think it might be something in my profile.
Guys Please help! Could you please read over my Online profile. I want some feedback?


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  • I don't see any apparent 'flaw' with the profile. It looks pretty good to me. Maybe it has to do with the kind of locality you stay in?

    By the way, would you mind sharing which website it is? I'm not being a creep, but I haven't come across this one before. I'd like to have my options, once I get back into the dating scene after my 5 year hiatus.

    • Eharmony. I like it a lot its very conservative. You won't be able to search. they send a selection of matches every day based on compatibility and you choose from there. If you are not a member your access is extremely limited.

    • Hmmm... should both members (the one who initiates contact, and the one who receives the message) need to be paid members?


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  • You shouldn't change anything because it seems like you're being genuine. That being said, raving about God, marriage and kids doesn't attract too many men nowadays.

    • Thank you for taking the time to respond. I've actually thought about that but I really want someone that shares the same values I want a family at some point. Maybe I'll rephrase that part. Thank you

  • Look fine to me

    • I have about 100+ men in their 30's that view my profile but don't contact me. I don't think is my looks because that is the first thing they see. I just caught my attention when I saw your age

    • Maybe they are the ones just looking for sex and realise that you are too normal and have good values to just hook up

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