Girls what does it mean when you call guys pretty?

I was talking to a girl from work and she complimented my eyes which I than said that they were contacts and we had a laugh and she said "well you're still pretty anyway". Also this girl looks like she might be a lesbian, you know short blonde hair dresses kind of not girly but not dykey. Is pretty something girls usually call guys? Or do lesbians call their dude friends that?


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  • Not many guys are considered or even called pretty by female standards. This may not apply to your friend but when some girls say a guy is pretty it is usually harmless jealously. The female may wish she had an attribute that she does not naturally have. For example, I wish I had long natural eyelashes that my guy friend has (which I consider pretty).

    On the otherhand, when girls call a guy pretty they may find him attractive. Overall being called pretty by females is a compliment.


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  • I don't think its a lesbian thing lol. Normally its a good sign.


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