I don't know if I should be mad at him?

Okay so last night I got the news that my grandfather got life flight to Toledo hospital, because he has an aneurysm in his stomach. So I text my boyfriend letting him know he's asking me I am okay and that he is sorry asking me what's wrong, long story short before any of this happen last night he was drinking with his friends, and so I was before getting the news about my grandfather but I got done drinking early before hearing about the news but when we were texting about my grandfather he ask me was I at home and I told him I was just waiting on news from my mom and then he never text me back, well later on that night him and his friends went to the bar and I am mad because for one he didn't text me back and for two he didn't even text me later on that night to see if I have heard any news about my grandfather, so the thing is should I be mad at him or not? And picture is me and his Conversation he is the gray bubble
I don't know if I should be mad at him?


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  • lol calm down let him have his beer he probably thinks you need space, I bet you would break up with your boyfriend if he got into a comma and couldn't text you


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