What do you guys want to see a woman in on the first date to a formal restaurant?

I'm going on my very first date and I don't know what to wear. Its an upsclae restaurant and a formal date but I don't want to be under dress yet too overly dressed. What should I do with my makeup, hair and outfit?


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  • If you know which restaurant it is exactly, maybe call the place ahead of time, and they can help you. And make sure your date is dressed up as well.


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  • A special restaurant calls for a special outfit! If you don't want to be overdressed, I would stay away from anything bold.

    A safe choice would be a black dress, that you can dress up with accessories. But it doesn't have to be black. Any colour that you like would look good.

    You can dress them up with a pretty necklace. You could also do a nice skirt and a top as well.

    As for hair, well a nice updo is always good for a special occasion. A simple bun with some loose pieces to frame your face is always a classic look. You could even curl your hair or straighten it if you feel like it too!

    I personally love to curl my hair for a nice date!


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  • Well, whenever you're not sure, break out the LBD, it's always a good resort

  • Drive buy the restaurant before the date and get a feel for the place

    • Its a posh upscale place

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