Am I over thinking?

I'm worried my boyfriend is cheating on me. and ex "thing" he and her never dated they just hooked up but she had come back into the picture. she messaged me trying to say that she was still in love with my boyfriend and all this other crapt. but when my boyfriend found out he messaged her and told her off. a few days ago she paid to have his old phone turned back on and she started texting him. I messaged her and told her off she tried to tell me that she is happy for he and I and won't try to come between that she still loves him but has no feelings towards him... she makes no sense. I got mad at my boyfriend for still texting her, since then he has gotten a new phone and he says she doesn't have this number and that she could never come between he and I cause he doesn't want her... I guess I'm just worried that he could change his mind. I trust him, well i guess if im questioning then i dont really trust him :/ I want to trust him i just dont want to get hurt. I love this guy with all my heart.


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  • You should tell him your concerns straight up


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  • If he is being truthful about changing the phone number and that she doesn't have it, do believe him. Otherwise, run.