Why'd he quit texting me after a date?

I knew this guy for a few months and we texted off/on quite a bit. We finally went on a date a few months ago and it went really well.

He texted me literally a few minutes after he dropped me off and went on and on about how he had a great time.

He texted me once since then and I ignored him. He hasn't texted again but he still comes to see me all the time and talks to me. Is he waiting on me to make another move or what?


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  • A girl asked me out to coffee I met her at the game store she laughed at my jokes then left and texted me coffees off so I have no, idea why people do what they do. I guess he didn't like you. I'm not sure


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  • Maybe he just not a texter? Why can't you just text him?

    • I don't text much either haha. Should I ask him if he wants to hang out again?

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    • Yeah... who cares!!! You go for what you want! If he clear say I don't like you than move on!

    • Otherwise just talk to him!

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