Have you ever lied about not wanting a relationship?

Like somebody asked you out, and you didn't want to make them feel bad by rejecting them so you say "Oh its not you, i just dont want a relationship right now"?

Let me just say, lying about not wanting a relationship hurts way more than rejection to be honest. I was in this flirtationship kind of thing at one time, and we would tell each other we loved each other and everything. I asked this person to actually be with me 2 or 3 times, and every time they said they just didn't want a relationship. But I was still very in love and I was waiting for them to be ready. After a while I finally moved on and starting dating some else. As soon as I did, they started going out with someone. ASDGAFJSAD DONT DO THAT TO PEOPLE. IT SUCKS. If you dont want to date someone, then say you dont want to date them. okay? okay.


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  • Yeah when I was much younger I did. Now I'm straight up and just tell them that I don't lie them. Younger kids do it because most people have such fragile egos that they snap when they're given the honest truth, yet they complain about it when people try to spare their feelings. I get it, it sucks, but it's also true that when you tell a guy: "Honestly I don't find you attractive at all" that he is going to be equally upset. Some people ask for honesty and really want to be lied to in my experience.


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  • Never been asked before lololol


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  • My last ex did that, granted, he did wait a few months before getting with the next chick. But when we were talking about breaking up, his reasoning was because he was too busy for a relationship -- yet he turns around and gets into a relationship with someone else a few months later, despite being just as busy as before? That relationship ended the same way, apparently, so I think he just has his head up his ass.

  • I've never done that. I've told them I don't feel the same though, or that I'm already in a relationship. But if I did say that it would be because I was fresh out of a relationship or had things going on to the point I wouldn't want one.


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