Where can I find artistic/creative guys?

I'm very much attracted to a guy who's artistic or can create things. There's nothing I love more than being able to listen to a guys ideas and fascinating thoughts. I've tried dating people with different personalities and interests but I couldn't find myself interested. I was on a holiday when I met a guy who was so creative and full of ideas and very much an ambitious guy. I sat there for hours listening to him talk about things he wants to create, wonderful ideas and his plans for the future. He showed me all his past projects and took me to places that inspired him. My friends say it's stupid I like that and the guys we know aren't bad and they're not but I feel like I can click with them.

Where am I able to socialise with guys like that?


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  • Art school or whatever school you go to


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  • A college or university would be an easy place, given your age range.


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