So why doesn't he call?

I met him a month ago at a party. We were talking for a while then he finally got my number (but he never promised he would call) Since then he text messages me every day, and he's always leaving picture comments on my myspace, and facebook saying that I'm gorgeous and whatever. It seems like he's interested so why doesn't he call? He lives 45 mins away, and he's always saying we should hang out, but I can never find time in my busy schedule to do so. He invited me to a party and when I didn't make it he called me (thats the only time he's called) to ask me where I was at, and to know if I was still coming, then sounded bummed when I told him I couldn't make it. I really like him. He seems interested, so why doesn't he call?


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  • Some people just don't like using the phone. I know a few girls that HATE talking on the phone, but they'll gladly spend hours online talking with me or someone else. I really doubt this has anything to do with his feelings for you, its just his personality and what he likes.

    On a side note, do be careful with your busy schedule, he may think you aren't really interested in him. He might also think you don't have time to talk on the phone. But guys are very sensitive too! So make sure he knows you aren't just ignoring him.

    Good luck!


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  • Some guys like to talk on the phone and some guys doesn't like to talk on the phone. For him to text you everyday, it shows that he is thinking of you and he definitely like you. I know that phone calls are better to get to know the person but you need to give him time. He probably into text message because it gives him time to think about what to say and also he do other things and text at the same time. Once he is comfortable with you and then you can ask him to call you.