Girls my girlfriend is confusing help?

I had just moved into my uncles living room in new york and had no job or money. She was 18 and i was 21. I didn't feel like taking this girl back home because i felt embarrassed of my living situation but we'd keep our dates outdoors such as a park, club, movies but never inside a private place. This girl said she was a virgin so i highly respected her meaning i never tried sexing her. The first 3 dates i clearly remember her saying "I will not put out". The funny thing is after a few drinks she'd heavily make out with me and start touching me down there. Well i never really tried going more then kissing/touching because she had clearly made it clear she didn't want to put out but her body was telling me something else. We kept the outdoor dating until i guess she got bored and we broke up due to many other things.

All my friends are roasting me because they are saying i was supposed to guide her since she's a virgin and now some other dude is going to take the win... what do you think did i do wrong since i "respected" her? I think they are partly correct because what would have happened if i had a place to bring her back to? and touch her back like she was touching me? i think we would have been had sex!. It's just too bad i never had a room/privacy.


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  • Because you didn't try to go further she might have thought that you weren't as interested.


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  • Don't let your "friends" get to you. Found out that most are idiots that would do worse if they were in the same situation. I will however say that this one was on you... it was good that you had restraint... (virgins are a headache you don't want to take on anyway)... but I understand why you did it. You asked what you did wrong?
    You were ashamed... that was what you did wrong. I would have let her know from the get go what the situation was, and let my uncle know as well what was going on and if I need privacy or not. Life sometimes will have you stay on a couch, don't let it bring you down playa... and Don't Ever be coerced by Other peoples words.
    Look at what they are say..."take the win"? she's a human being... not an object lol.. not a trophy (well... unless she wants to be :) )
    don't be coerced mate. and the way i see it personally... you dodged a huge bullet breaking up.

  • What is your goal? Is it to have sex with as many girls as possible or is it to be a gentleman who is respected by the girls with whom you are associated? Tell me which is your higher priority and I will tell you if you did wrong.