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I just went on a date with a girl and we kissed BUT we still don't have a title. Tonight she uploaded a pic of her and some dude in a mall. She even tagged him and I don't know who he is. She calls him "goofball".

Knowing you are a girl and know how a girl works what are the chances she's seeing this guy/likes him based on what i just told you.


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  • I'm no girl but I'd bet she has him in the friend zone. Goofball screams friend. Not lover


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  • Well you can't just assume that this is another romantic interest... All of my best friends are guys and many of my cousins who are around my age are guys... BUT a title is also not something that is important to a relationship and can actually complicate things so I wouldn't push for that. Don't jump the gun on this one but it may be a good idea to talk about the relationship you have with this girl to determine if seeing someone else is okay anyway.

  • It's probably her friend, don't overthink it until she clearly puts it out to the public that they likey likey each other.


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