How can I get rid of her?

Hello, I've asked out a girl lately and she told me that she has a boyfriend.

I felt like we clicked and everything, but I'm trying to move on because I do not want to be a "home wrecker". Thus, I'm trying to talk to her via text messages in a friendly way more than a romantic one.

However, my romantic feelings for her are still there and this really annoys me. I want to move on as fast as possible. I'd really appreciate your help, thank you.


Most Helpful Girl

  • Tell her that you don't want to talk to her anymore. Also, start dating other girls.

    • I'll try to follow your advice, but it is indeed really hard to stop talking to her. As for dating other girls, as being someone picky I'm gonna have a hard time before dating anyone lol.

    • Why is it hard?

    • It is hard because my heart is fully attached to this person, and it will really hurts if I tell her something like that.

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  • ... well you could stop contacting her for one...

    • Well, I used to text her from times to times. However, now she is the one engaging the conversation, and I surely want to answer.

    • Then don't. Excuse yourself, just tell her that you'd prefer to not contact her anymore and then stop. Dude, for your own sake, just stop.

    • Ok thank you, I'll try to do so. Unfortunately, my desires are so intense that they tend to prevent me from taking some distance with her.

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