My boyfriend allows me to take the fall for literally everything?

I am 22 (I am aware that my age is wrong on here) and my boyfriend is 21. We met when we were 15 and 16 years old and we have been together ever since. We recently had to move out of our apartment due to him getting fired from his job and we have since moved in with his parents and his brothers. Since we have moved in here his mother expects me to have the entire house spotless by the time she gets out of work. Which is absolutely no problem! I normally am right on top of keeping this house in pretty good shape and having everything to her standards before she arrives home at night. However, since we have moved into this house my boyfriend has become quite a pig. He will sit around all day and leave his dirty dishes everywhere or his clothes and I have to rush around to pick up after not only his brothers and the dogs but him as well. He never helps clean anything and he just expects me to have everything done by myself constantly.
On the rare occasions that this house is not spotless when she gets home (whether it be a few dishes in the sink or the floor unswept) she will go completely ballistic and lose her shit on me. Yelling and screaming about how we had one simple task to do and what have you. I noticed more and more recently that her attitude is directed right at me whenever she starts yelling about us being "dirty" and "ungrateful". Well, I was up doing laundry one day and overheard my boyfriend telling her that he does most of the cleaning and that sometimes I just don't do anything around the house so he has to pick up the slack. I went downstairs and confronted him on his lies, right in front of his mother, and he made out like I was a lying scum bag. Later that night he brought it up with me and said that I had no right to make him look bad in his mothers eyes and that it is simply respectful to take the fall for it because I am not her child and I don't have a reputation to uphold with her.


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  • Well him mother is going to love him unconditonally, so in my opinion she shouldn't be worrying about a reputation. you're the one that needs mom points.


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  • "simply respectful to take the fall for it because I am not her child and I don't have a reputation to uphold with her." if anything I would rather look bad to my mother than my significant other because theyre not family yet and I would want my mother to like him, and not have a reason to dislike him, especially if it was based on lies. Your boyfriend sounds like a jerk, and I would not put up with it.


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  • Is he dating you, so that you can be his scapegoat or what? You did however confronted him in front of his mother and he's probably humiliated about it or something. Oh well...


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