He broke up with me through text message?

today my boyfriend of two years broke up with me through text message, I called his phone and he pressed the f*** you button and didn't even have the heart to call back and kept texting me why he was breaking up with me. which he does often. whenever he gets mad about something he breaks up with me


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  • So move on. He's immature, and is doing this to get you upset so he can get your attention.

    At the end of all this, it should come clear that this is someone you don't need in your life. They are acting unstable, and more than likely irrational.

    Be confident that you are a good person who deserves someone who is respectful, and not childish.


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  • what were you fighting about?


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  • I agree with 'WaitingAtTheDoor' he's way too immature, everyone falls out sometimes, there are no perfect relationships, he has no right to emotionally abuse you like this. He is easy to figure out though, it's like a tantrum children have to get their own way. But adults get fed up of this behavior and he could loose you because of this stressful strategy!

  • He's inconsiderate and seems like he puts himself before your guys' relationships.

    Which means, he isn't worth your time. I believe that everyone deserves someone who cares and respect their feelings in the least.