I don't know how should I kiss my BF?

Okay so I recently started dating this nice guy and yesterday he went to kiss me and I moved away and he left. I wanted to kiss him but I guess I was nervous. Tomorrow is the last day I get to see him before winter break (we are in high school). I want to kiss him tomorrow but I don't know how or how to approach him. Any suggestions?


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  • It's quite simple but also requires a bit of bravery. Simply walk up to him and ask to talk in private. If he says no (which I highly doubt that he will) then beg him and I'm sure he will come. Anyway once you are there you must address the subject of you pulling away. Tell him that you are sorry for doing that but you are shy. This shows that you care about kissing and it is a big deal to you. It shows that you haven't been around the block and he should respect you for it. Once you have apologised ask him if you could try it again. That's if you still want the kiss and if it didn't occur in the moment during your apology. If you have any questions feel free to ask.


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  • Suggest hanging out together after school so that you guys can be alone, and then you kiss him :)