Girls, would you ever date a guy that absolutely Never ever wants Any Children?

Seriously or otherwise? And also the guy is still single and does not have any children of his own, such as from previous relationships, marriages, etc. will be used as the example.

The age does not really matter but if you want to specify age, you can. But then tell me if that would affect your decision more if they were older in their 30s, late 30s or 40s? Compared to as if they were younger in their Early 20s to early 30s?

Mind giving me answers for both situations:

For the first situation in which they are already straight up and honest and have already mentioned this such as in their Facebook or Dating Profile somewhere or that told you straight up and Honestly about it before you even ask Or that they tell you straight up bluntly after you have asked him about children or the desire to have any, and to not ever try to change his mind about it.

For the second situation, similarly, he's already certain that he does not ever want to blah blah, however he Does Not Ever Bluntly ever tell you about it and would rather let you figure it out on your own. He is ambiguous for most part but will imply he does not ever in other ways. All he would or could do is to give you clues or signs in any way he could because he is afraid it would get you upset, angry or hurt about it or that he is afraid or concerned on how you would judge him for it. Or such as that he is always trying to hide it and will never really give any clear answers or frequently tries to avoid and change the subject, or show signs of discomfort, maybe even anger or some other negative reaction or feelings when you ask him and/or bring up the subject and or topic.

For most ladies out there I would expect it to be an automatic deal-breaker for the first situation, and the guy would probably have no chance to ever really even have a serious date.

The second one would mean maybe he might end up in a serious relationship for some time but it will fall apart quickly unless somehow his partner is clear and certain that she also do not ever want any children either.


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  • I can't say I have!


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  • Dealbreaker i already have kids

  • I wouldn't be inclined to date a guy who didn't want children. I want a family and want to be a parent one day and that limits me and I feel that ultimately would be an end-all. I want to be a mom and a grandmom one day.

  • At age 18 it is time to play the field not decide who you are going to marry

    • My age shown here is not my true age just to let you know. I'm much older than that.