Is this okay to text a girl in response to her not responding for a week?

Hey, I don't want to make a nusisance of myself but i haven't heard back from ya and just wanted to know if you still want to meet up before Christmas next week, if not it's cool but it would be awesome!

we have texted for like 2 months straight each day and she keeps saying she is busy but wants to meet up! In the last week though she has not responded to two texts asking her when the best day is for a date!

Has she lost interest or am i being paranoid and should give her more time?


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  • Just send her a another text ans if she don't reply forget about her.


What Guys Said 2

  • What is the status of your relationship? Have you ever met before?

    • no we haven't we met on a online dating site, added numbers and facebook and been talking about 3 months!

    • Maybe she has been busy with school or the holidays, or maybe she found someone else. She knows how to reach you and I would not make any more effort to chase after her If she only spends time with you because you blow up her phone, what have you gained?

  • Maybe a bit of both man