Is it bad that me an my ex still have a good friendship?

we broke up almost 2years ago went out for 7 months but lots of blazing arguments, also i think i knew deep down he wasn't the right the one however he helped me through a bad time and i had a miscarriage so, but now all i feel is friendship for him and hope he meets the "right one" Some people think it's weird we're able to be friend's but i told them the past is gone and you can't change it i see now there may have not been that chemistry between me and him since I'd recently got out of bad relationship back then. I've apologised but now with 2016 coming I'm moving forwards we have quite few mutual friends too. I just don't see the problem with us being friends I'm not even dating for a long time myself cause I'm busy with my personal life. Is it wrong? what do you guys think? in a way i wish we'd only ever been friends..


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  • You won't know whether you can really remain friends until you have both dated someone else and discussed it with your ex afterwards.


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  • If it works for you guys, my opinion is redundant.