How do you message people and try not to be boring?

i wanted advice on messaging a girl i met recently, but when i started to build up my confidence to message her, i read a load of things girls have said when i seached dating apps.

they all say they just blanked a guy because he was boring and not intresting, sometimes because they say hi or hey, wtf are you meant to message them then to start talking?

also notices that girls will want you and flirt but when they finally "win" you, they lose interest and move on.


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  • You send them interesting/funny things and you share your opinion on various topics.


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  • Your problem is you're putting her on a pedestal, and in doing that you're worrying about appeasing her instead of just having a conversation. Don't overthink an interaction, just initiate it. Trying too hard to be interesting is almost worse than being boring, and saying "Hey love" is a lot better than saying some drawn out/lame ice breaker.

    Don't put this bitch on a pedestal, don't put all your eggs into this one basket, don't feel like this is your only shot at talking to a chick you like since there are literally women everywhere, and just say hi.

    • by the way those dating sites are typically lame bs where people who are too hard to please IRL seek 'valid' candidates for their time. They're pretty much just an interactive Bachelorette where the women are the stars of their own show and the guys are the contestants.

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