Should I peruse this guy or not?

So there is this guy who when I first met I was kinda repulsed by him because he was like super shy and like kinda a creeper but that's because he had just moved and not to be mean but he's not a super good looking guy but I've gotten to know him and once he got comfortable around me and others he's become a lot cooler and he flirts with me and stuff and I find THAT part of him pretty attractive but I still don't find him physically attractive like at alllll. And not to be shallow but I do think that that is important in a relationship but of course personality comes first. I just believe that often times you don't find someone physically attractive at first but then you get to know them and they progressively get more and more attractive in every aspect. This has happened to me many times. I don't think it's so much their looks but like their physical mannerisms like the way they smile or stand or walk or something. Anyway I'm not even really into this guy in that way and I'm really confused and frustrated because for once a guy I like perobality wise likes me but I am also kinda repulsed by him. Halp! Am I wrong to not like him for this reason?


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  • If you're repulsed by someone and only sort of like their personality it seems like you should just let it be. Of course he could grow on you. He obviously has since you're considering him as a partner.

    Let it alone, if he grows enough that you start finding him attractive then you can ask again. Although there will be no need.
    And yes, he probably will reach that stage. Girls seem rather capable of compromising on looks for some reason. Never got why.

    • No like a do really like his personality not kinda but yeah his face and body is not attractive. I get what your sayin though. I will just wait it out :)


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  • You should date him, most guys find no motivation to dress their best if they don't have a girlfriend, I bet he will be make an appearance transition however his mannerisms don't change easily but, he will probably gain confidence and change the way he walks for a more suitable way. But if you are talking about his facial features, and you don't like them, thats on you.


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  • Pursue ur dream not guys

  • You just had to be under 18😑 why going into a deep subject with you, it will be a waste of time.