How do you deal with rejection?

Do you move on immediately or is there always a flicker of hope?
Rejection can qualify with someone blatantly telling you they dont have feelings for you, or simply not communicating with you anymore after an important event. Do you move on to the next one, or simply hope they're just as shy as you?


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  • I reject rejection.

    • That sounds scary

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    • Wise words. I will think on what you said

    • Sometimes all you can do is that... and it helps you get a thicker skin :)

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  • Rejection is so painful, it can lower your self- esteem. I was recently rejected by a guy friend. I took the risk in telling him how I feel. I genuinely thought he felt the same way, but I was so wrong. He liked another girl, and slowly he distanced himself from me. Now he doesn't speak to me anymore.💔😞

    I just look on rejection as a re-direction to something better. Although it's damn painful, I just think how he has lost someone who deeply cared about him, I've lost someone who doesn't care about me. That's a gain not a loss.

    I believe rejection just means the person either failed to notice what you have to offer , or they weren't ready for all you have to give.

    Your value doesn't go down just because someone failed to see your worth 💛

    • Beautifully worded <3 Agree!

    • Thank you! 💗😊

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  • I deal with it pretty well. i'll try for a bit if i feel like i was in the wrong but if it's just her issue i'll take the time to miss her/be sad then move onto casual dating usually not a long term dating thing right away

  • girl I liked a lot: "I'm kinda already talking to someone else I'm so sorry, I'm... sorry"

    me: I understand no worries ahah (fakedt augh ever) *walks away and realizes I missed my bus*

    • Naww :( Cheer up, maybe there's some other girl whose bus you'll arrive on time!

  • You are asking in terms of liking a woman, relationships right?

  • stand with hope...


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