HELP!!! How would you interpret this?

I asked this guy if he was busy today or tonight and his reply is "why whats tomorrow". This was yesterday I asked him.
Isn't that kind of defensive.
What's your interpretation of it? Like why did he answer that way?

Guys comment please!!!


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  • Think he's just wondering if there's something special going on or whatever.

    • Why though like what is he thinking? All I asked if he was busy that's all?

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    • Probably, I Dk. Again, it's just me, I Dk about him

    • What do you mean he's a pretty laid back kind of guy

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  • I think he just wants to know if there is any special occasion or something interesting going on, so he can base his decision on whether or not tomorrow will be fun. If it's something that will interest him he will go, if it's something that doesn't interest him, he won't go.

    • Really?

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    • Yes it can. He might be able to figure out if it's a date or not, and good chances are that he may know that you like him, if you asked him

    • What do you mean know I liked him?


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  • i think he's just trying to figure out what you wanna do

    • Then why didn't he just give me a yes or no response before asking that

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    • I know he has told me before but I don't know why he would think it's something like that?

    • lol i don't know this person, all I'm saying is i don't think its too much to want to know what something is before you agree to doing it, just as a general rule regardless of who's asking

  • Myself I can tell you when I have done this.

    A girl asks me what I am doing on Saturday.

    My reply "why whats happening?"

    I didn't mean too be defensive

    I didn't realize this could be defensive, but I can see in a way how It could be now.

    He wants to know why before anything else happens, you might be asking him on a date, for a favor, something he likes, something he hates.

    I think it's better to say Hey, This is whats happening, would you like to come/help/ect.

    • So your saying if he likes it it will be a yes if not it will be a no?

      What were you thinking when you said this to someone that asked what you were doing?

    • Myself I was hoping for her to ask for a fun event/date something that showed that she liked me because I got the feeling she was not interested in me at all.

    • You think that's what he wants?

What Girls Said 7

  • It sounds like you were asking him for the purposes of going on a date (?)... and I think what you were asking went completely over his head. I wouldn't take it too personally. Is he a good friend/long term friend, co-worker, if so, he was probably just caught a little of guard 😊

    • He's a Long term friend/person I love I don't know. I don't really know what we are but why do you think he answered like that

    • If you guys see each other regularly, and fairly spontaneously... he may have just been a little thrown off.
      Or, he might have assumed that you perhaps had something on/were going to be busy the next day. I don't think he was really thinking clearly, but probably didn't mean anything by it.
      He might be a bit clueless about your feelings for him. I hope that helps

    • How do you think he might be clueless?

      Why would I be busy if I'm asking if he'll be busy.

  • its defensive.. but why do you think he's being defensive?

    • I don't know
      Like how would you interpret it?
      So he's not busy tonight?

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    • by the way doesn't have to be defensive could be cautious. not that thats better. i think if you wanna hang out a person should just say yes, then worry about details later. like why would you bother coming up with an idea when you dont know if he's even interested. you made a move it was bis turn and he charged you to make two moves in a row,. just throws basic interaction off, unnecessarily.

      you could have said

      ' are you busy tomorrow'

      'i dont know why'

      'i won't know until you tell me if you're busy or not'


      then he might see how absurd it is, or not.

    • but it would illustrate the point he's making things complicated.

  • He probably just thought there was something on, it's easy too stress too much if you like someone.
    Just say 'oh I was wondering if you just wanted to hang out' or something like that

  • Its a lazy response. He is basically saying what have you got planned for both of us?

    • Really?
      We'll that's good because we're not even dating so he thinks of it as "us".

    • No don't over read it. Those are my words.

      Another interpretation is what are you going to do or what do you have in mind?

  • I don't get it. did you literally ask him if he was busy 'today or tonight' (referring to yesterday) or did you ask if he was busy for today aka saturday? anyway he's just inquiring to know why are you asking him that, to know which kind of plans you had in mind for the day, nothing 'weird' to be interpreted here.

    • We'll is it his yes or no answer is going to depend on what kind of plans I have or what?

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    • well then you might want to stop contacting him for a while and see if he ever tries to text/phone you first, for a change. this way you'll know if he's really interested or if he just considers you an option. you did your part, now the ball's in his court, see if he kicks it or what

    • We'll he replied so wouldn't he be interested?

  • It sounds like he's just asking what's going on. Not being defensive or anything.

    • Why? A better response would be nothing why? Why did he say it like that?

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    • So your Telling me if he doesn't like my idea he'll be busy but right now he's not

    • It's one interpretation, yes.

  • His response is pretty stupid. I don't even understand it.

    • How is it stupid he just say "why what's tonight". Would you take that as busy defensive?

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    • They could be

    • Seriously? Because that's kinda rude?