I can't be romantic. What should I do?

Eversince I was a little kid, I have always thought of romantic situations as cheesy and downright ridiculous. I always avoided getting into those kind of situations somehow... But the other day I went out with a classmate and he was really trying hard to make it romantic, walking along the river at night in the park while the leaves were falling, so he could tell me his feelings but I thought it was so funny and stupid that I ended up laughing and giggling the whole time like a retard. He had to ask me to stop laughing which resulted in me laughing even harder... Poor guy. But how is it, that everyone likes these romantic stuff but me and how can I overcome this aversion?


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  • my form of romantic is surprising a girl with chick fil a after a hard day and getting ice cream or some shit later


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  • You should probably learn how to act.


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