Guys, Interrogating VS Getting to know a woman over a period of time?

Is a man who interrogates a woman on a first date/getting the chance to really talk to her for the first time, instead of getting to know her over time, just very confident; needy; dominant; impulsive; or nervous? What do you fellows think?

Examples of questions I've gotten:

•Do you want to get married?
•Do you want to have children?
•What do you want in a man?
•How many serious relationships have you had?
•Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

I don't find that it bothers me as much as it would bother men, as I understand why men get upset in a situation like this; it's different for men. I somehow, always get that men do this with me.

I would just like to know the reasons behind WHY men do this? Is it the same reasons why women do it?


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