What is considered a trauma?

I definitly went through some shit growing up from emotional/physical abuse to physical illnes. I am very closed emotionally, i literally refuse to let anyone take care of me and i have grown this resentful to other people, its like i dont trust them with life of me. I am also someone who is willing to chose money over anyone else, im willing to end up alone and dont believe in love/relationship. A lot of guys think i am arrogant or cold hearted because i dont even want to have sex. But its not a reason to say its traumatic, i consider trauma like ex child soldiers or people who went through sexual abuse, or something awful like that ''trauma'''for example a friend of mine said she has ptsd because she was in a physical abusive relationship but anno 2015, you can leave the guy hahaha


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  • well i have misogyny, an i can say i got it cause of trauma my mother put me through, i guess a trauma in actual terms is easy to look up an read but trauma's can be made from small things that happen over an over an over an over, an destroy a part of you thats hard to get back, if you have problems find out why you have them an actually talk about cause it really does help, the only way to me to fix emotional problems is to get out of your comfort zone an try , thats all


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  • Anything which affects you emotionally and mentally which takes away your enjoyment out of life. Something which haunts you and can cause you to become mentally unstable in someway.

    Some people will belittle others by saying what they went through isn't as significant as someone else's. They'll compare your trauma with theirs and tell you yours is nothing compared to what they've faced. This is so untrue.

    Two people could be traumatised by similar events in their life.. one may cope the other one might not. We all deal with things in our lives differently. What ever affects you emotionally and mentally then it's significant because it's you and you alone who has to get through it and live with it...


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  • There's no set definition of trauma. What's traumatic to someone, may not be to someone else. No one is out there saying "Sorry, you emotional problems aren't real because what happened to you wasn't 'traumatic enough'."


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  • some people freeze up when they experience violence and the shock and fear doesn't always leave their mind/body.