How do I restart my dating life?

i say restart cause its mostly been stalled for a while and figure new year might be a good time to try and restart things somehow , once holidays are over and such i could try again. but feel i need to think about things a bit and then get back out there , can explain things a bit more if that help?


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  • To restart your dating life you need to try and meet as many people as possible. Brush up on your social skills.

    It doesn't hurt to get a haircut and some new clothes too. And maybe start working out or even just some small exercise. I find exercise helps give you the stamina to feel energized when meeting new people. All of these things will help you be at your best when meeting new people.
    Maybe find a group of single guys you can hang out with. Or even guys who know lots of girls they can introduce you to. Maybe you have friends who are in relationships, but they have single gal friends who would be interested in you. Do not be afraid to ask around.


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  • Reset button?

    • know that's what I need but without that I figure new years is my best bet to start fresh

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