What should I do?

So I met this guy in September before school started. We decided to exchange numbers and go on a date. After the date things seemed to be going really great the date was perfect.
Then a couple of weeks after the date he tells me he still wants to see me but just broke up with his ex a month ago and still wants to get back together with her.

So we texted for a bit but I gave him his space in order to deal with his ex issues. From my understanding after 6 months he is over her. I asked if he wanted to hang out the Friday after exams and he said definitley he doesn't know his plans but he would like to hang. Come Friday I tell him I'm in town from college and can hang, he says he had something at 4pm and works at 8pm. So I tell him to text me after his thing at 4. Around 6 I ask him whats up and he said he apologizes but his thing at 4 got moved to 5 and he's eating with a couple of teammates before work. So i say if he has any time to hang to let me know. He never got back to me so the whole situation felt flakey to me. I'm confused as to what to do I think he is a really great guy and I had a great time with him, he keeps saying he wants to hang but after Friday i'm getting a completley different impression. What should I do just not care, and move on or should I ask him whats up? I know it's not my place to judge he seems interested but when it came to hanging out on Friday I felt like I had to make all the effort and although he did seem busy, if he was really interested he would have made the time to hang out with me right? I don't know let me know :P


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  • Right... Doesn't the whole thing seem fishy to you? Can you really assess how trustworthy a guy is from one date? He's just not worth the effort, lass. If he wants to hang out, let him do the work this time. Even then, this whole ex affair is a mess waiting to happen. I'd say on the whole, forget it. It just isn't worth your time. Find someone stable, who'll keep their word.

  • He flaked on you. Therefore, the ball is in his court concerning communication. You have all the power now.

  • Some days are just like that. Q


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