Is this my fault?

I met this guy from online dating. It seemed wonderful for the first month and then he ended it since he wasn't over his ex. He is 29 and his ex is 21. Anyway, I'm 29 too and thought he was a great guy and we discussed being friends. Then I asked him to sleep with me since I was a 29 year old virgin and wanted to get it over with. He agreed but told me it would not end in a relationship. I said it was okay. We had sex and he was really nice at first. We would message each other everyday and talk about our lives. We even both discussed having a history of depression. We would have sex and watch movies together. He would tell me about his family issues too. I felt like I found a real friend. We then had rough sex one night and I was bleeding. I got really upset. He told me to go to the doctor. He then had me leave so he could get drinks with friends. I was in pain and couldn't believe it. My depression flared up so I told him no more sex and I would need some time away from him. He blocked my number. I started sending many msgs because of my anxiety issues. None of them were mean. I found out he was telling people about my depression and calling me crazy. I opened up to him. It's been weeks and I still feel bad. According to him I deserved it. He's a high school teacher who is now trying to sleep with an ex student of his who is 20. I got help right away and went back on meds. Am I to blame here? Was I really the monster he said I am?

Thanks to anyone who read this :)


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  • NO YOU ATE NOT this is all his fault he is a worthless cock end and u need to together him and not let it affect you if that's possible. You trusted him with your life and he betrayed that trust. He seems like a predator of young girls and should be ashamed that he is chasing ex students.


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  • You are NOT a monster! There is NOTHING wrong with wanting love, warmth, AND comfort! Whatever that means to you. Whether it be through sex, dating, etc. You also do not deserve what happened to you. No offense, but he was a douchebag for not being upfront with you. Especially at the age of 29. If he wants to pursue someone younger, that's up to him. But he should at least have the decency to not share your personal problems with people. I know it's hard, but don't be upset! Think on the bright side, he's missing out on an amazing person. I hope you feel better!