Guys, what do you think about dating a girl that is less successful than you?

I really like him and he randomly asks me out for drinks. I said I couldn't make it a couple times and then he just stopped asking. Amyways I'm crushing on him big time, but he is very successful. We have the same career but he has just done so much and is good financially. How do you make a guy like you when you don't have many accomplishments to talk about? I can just imagine going on our first date and hell talk about all the things hea done and then hell ask me and ill be like ummm... I don't know. What could I say?

I am not an insecure person. I believe in myself and my dreams. And I'm a driven girl, it just always takes me a long time to get where I want to be.. I don't know. I just know I'd be a great girlfriend. I couldnt imagine a better girlfriend than me. :(


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  • This is probably a weakness of mine, but it makes me feel insecure if a girl I'm interested in is better-off than me (example, crush probably has a ton more money saved than I do, because I'm a reckless spender and she still has a job).

  • Speaking from my own perspective, I'm indifferent to whether a woman is more or less successful than I am, and not particularly inclined to discuss work with someone as I'm more interested in who they are personally. The way someone talks about their job can be telling - both in terms of their ambitions or general work ethic - but where you may currently be career-wise isn't really an indication of whether or not you're well suited to someone else.

    • so how do you tell who they are personally?

  • It usually doesn't matter to most guys


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