Seeing a guy 6 months now, dating someone else simultaneously?

Been seeing a guy 6 months. He is immature about feelings and relationship talk.

I've met his sisters, brothers and friends. To them, I am his girlfriend.

A month ago I finally got him to have the talk. I said "I am not looking for anything serious, but I want to know what you want." (I brought it up because am not ready for a relationship and I told him this but he believes I am lying!) I DONT KNOW IF HE IS PROJECTING OR WHAT HERE.

He responds "I think you are looking for something serious. I think you want a label. So you're my girlfriend then." (WEIRD) I respond "that's not what---" He interrupted me and changed the subject.

Anyway, he invited me to his birthday party held my his sister. I got tired of his immaturity about our "relationship" and asked him not to introduced me as his "girlfriend." I said I actually wasn't ready for the label and it is better if we just stay away from labels right now.

At the party, he introduces me as his girlfriend! I remind him later in the night. He says ok.

The situation: I have been spending time with someone else for 3 weeks now and we have kissed and gone on 3 dates (i feel disgusting about all this even though the other guy and I are not official.) I just dont know his perspective because he just doesn't talk to me about feelings or what he wants!!! It's too soon but I can see myself officially with the other guy.

Planning on telling him (1st guy). Not sure if I should! Even though I have strong feelings for him, I dont feel secure enough to officially be with him because of the immaturity about relationships.

Anyone been with someone this long without it being official?


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  • You should be honest.