Silence after great first date. Does he like me?

Hello, I met this guy online, and we've been texting for a couple of weeks and talked on phone and developed a connection. He would call me witty, intelligent, beautiful etc. We spoke on phone and it was very easy and normal. We met for our first date on Friday night went for drinks, and he was cute, and it was great, very easy and comfortable. He seems very interested in me interested in me and my life etc has said we have a connection. He was touching me, body language--seemed interested body faced towards me. He said he felt comfortable talking to me and told me personal information---that he has ADHD and takes medication for it. Our date was short (hour and half, he had to work next day and had to catch bus home) and impromptu (due to his work, which he is legitimately busy), and he said to me, "next time we'll plan something better." And I said that sounds good. And we kissed at end of date--was just on lips, and he asked me to text him when I got home, my phone had died. So I did and thanked him for the drinks, and he said my pleasure. Since then have not really heard from him. He is very stressed at work right now, it is his busiest time of year for work. He does have ADHD and I know a person with it can get hyperfocused on something such as work, and easily distracted/inattentive. I've have only texted him asking him hey, how are you? Any suggestions? Any views on if this guy is interested or not. He has not talked about having sex with me, so dont think he is looking for hookup.


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  • I usually try to make time if I really like you regardless of the situation or how busy I am


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  • In my experience, people who are interested in you will make time for you regardless of how busy they are.