For Christmas, is it weird/dumb to give my boyfriend of 2 months a teddy bear with a robin (batman) costume?

1. When we were in barnes in noble once I saw a keychain that was a teddy bear with robin costume and i was like that's you! Cause he loves robin from batman. and he was like that's actually adorable i'm about to buy this ( he ended up not cause it was too much money)
2. He's told me before that bears are his favorite animal. and he has a couple other plushes cause he's a bit of a geek.
So would that be weird if I got that for him? Cause were still pretty early in the relationship so I don't want to get anything too big. Also I could turn it into something cute. like oh here's for the nights that I'm not there to cuddle you. Cause he lovessss to cuddle with me and we only see each other half the week.
3. oh and whenever he sleeps at my place he likes to cuddle my teddy bear or have it under his arm or under his head


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  • Sounds like the perfect gift for him!
    I've got stuffed animals from girlfriends before, still have them all to this day and they remind me of good times!
    He'll always think of you when he sees the Robin bear :-)


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  • No... I just wouldn't because er... its just gonna sit there.


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  • Sounds like an adorable gift.


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  • Well, it seems like it's a good gift, judging off of what you've said. I personally would first assume a stuffed animal isn't a great gift for a guy, but it seems like it is, in your situation.