Boyfriend broke my window with the butt of a rifle how serious should this be taken?

I was driving my boyfriend home to his parents after a holiday party. It was a really long drive and he passed out and I couldn't get him to wake up so I went to get his Dad to carry him per his Mom's suggestion.

he woke up confused and took off in his truck.

We were in the back woods. When I got to a bridge I had to cross that is only wide enough for one vehicle. He was parked on it and started driving towards me. Knowing he was drunk I was scared and threw my Jeep into reverse until I ran it into a ditch.

He he then came up to my vehicle demanding I open the door but I wouldn't because I was scared. He was acting erratically and I had no idea what he wanted or was upset about.

When I wouldn't open the door he went to his truck, got a hunting rifle and broke open my passenger window then got in he car and just hugged me. As you can imagine someone called the police and they got there really quickly. They asked me if I wanted to press charges and I said no but my parents found out and are really pissed.

He he has never acted this way before but the fact that he used a weapon to break in and was drunk they don't want me around him.

Should I be concerned because he used a rifle even though he wasn't using it as a fire arm?


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  • I'd be willing to bet a lot of hoplophobes are going to come on here and try to make this a gun thing when it's really not. What it boils down to is two instances of assault. First when he ran his car at you, a lot of people forget that is assault with a deadly weapon. He could have killed you right there. Second is obviously the rifle. Since it was the butt, he could have just as easily used, say, a baseball bat or a tire iron. You should have been in fear for your life with either weapon. He is an erratic, violent drunk. Very violent, I'd say. He's damn lucky you were either kindhearted enough or dumb enough to not press charges, he should be going to jail for that little rampage. I keep staring in disbelief at your last question. You do know that he still could have killed or seriously wounded you with the butt of that rifle, right? If you had a CCW, to me it would seem justifiable for you to have shot him as you feared for your life. I think you know what your should do if your boyfriend put you in fear of your life.


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  • he was drunk and got in a car

    he almost rammed into you with his car (if you hadn't reversed)

    you were forced to drive your car into a ditch. could have harmed you or your car

    he grabbed a gun while drunk

    broke a glass window near you. you could have been hurt again

    honestly i am afraid for your safty. imagine you have kids with thisguy and this same thing happened again. but there was your kid in the passenger seat. imagine how traumatised your kid would be if they had to go through this


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  • This is extremely erratic behavior and it shows a proclivity towards violence. This is your sign. Will you heed the warning?

  • "Should I be concerned because he used a rifle even though he wasn't using it as a fire arm?"

    Out of all that you got THIS?

    That's it, I can't read these questions anymore.

    • read the opinion and comments of john_doesnt to get the full story. apparently he also killed someone

  • A vision of your future just came into my mind 3 kids, and a guy sitting all day at home drunk while you work and pay the bills. Just kidding evaluate the situation and keep an eye on his drinking. If he is drunk every weekend then I would not take it further with him. Alcoholics start out like this and get worse as they get older its a progressive thing. A good sign of that is if he can't just drink a few beers once an awhile it's an every weekend or every day thing. My ex wife was a long time alcoholic she started out in her 20's party girl out drinking every weekend we had a lot of fun times with friends. That turned into drinking at home on the weekends, to drinking at home every night. Her party friends quit hanging out with her because they got tired of her drinking until she blacked out she wast't fun anymore.

    • You left her because of the drinking l?

    • I put up with it for 15 years like a fool and we divorced lucky we didn't have kids. You don't want that kind of hassle. It's impossible to make them quit they have to quit on their own.

  • That's some red flags, he went completely psychotic. When I'm drunk I don't smash everything up.

  • Has he at least offered to pay for the window since you didn't press charges? You'll be finding broken glass in your for at least 6 months. This guy is a BAD drunk. This won't end well. I seriously doubt this is the first time his drunkenness has warranted police involvement.

  • the riffle wasn't the problem, the problem would be that he got extremely violent when drunk and you don't want to hang out with that kind of person

  • He can't control himself when drunk.
    A huge red light!

  • Yes you should be concerned wtf...

  • You and his mom are pretty horrible to let him drive drunk. It's you and his mom's fault.

    • Let him? He woke up when his Dad tried to pick him up, ran into the woods then darted out to his truck. His keys were in his pocket.

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    • Not hitting close to home with me at all. I've never drank at all and nobody in my family has had a DUI.

      I am just the rare responsible guy who believes in rationally taking responsibilities for my (and other's) actions.

      Although, my real beef is that I just think that people should learn from their mistakes so that they don't repeat them. I understand you and his parents made a mistake, but hopefully next time you won't allow that to happen. Also, remember that everybody has their own problems or habits in a relationship.
      Find one couple who has ever had a serious

    • Yeah I know for certain you are right. I made a mistake by not prosecuting him within my full rights of the law. He went on to kill a girl 13 years later with his bare hands. It was his bestfriends older sister.

      That's what I live with. I don't think my filing charges would have stopped him from getting drunk and killing her. But at least I would know I did my part. He attacked me 13 years ago. He had drug charges for marijuana so I didn't pursue anything further.

      Now someone is dead. He was beating her infront of her kid and she shot him. He strangled her to death infront of her child. His bestfriend's niece.

  • My father is a drunk like this...

    I would be very concerned. Leave. LEAVE.

    It's fucking miserable, my childhood was miserable. LEAVE.

  • I don't know what yo should do but at first I thought it said my boyfriend broke my window with his butt


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  • Uh you should be concerned about the entire scenario. All of that is something a crazy person does. He needs help or you need out.

    • read the opinion and comments of john_doesnt to get the full story.

  • Run for your life girl run!