Move out or what?

Trouble toruble here... i found a nice room to rent for about 375 euro a month incl gas lighting water, BUT i dont have a job yet, the job searching is getting to me!!! i can't find anything in 3 months now, i have tried everything even humilatign stores, cleaning toilets EVERYTHINGGGGGG. Im 23 and i dont have my degree yet. I can move out but i will have 170 uero a month left for eating and that is plus a student loan... will i survive on that money?


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  • You can if you realistically want to, a lot of the time we spend unnecessary money, however its smart to have savings because you never know what might happen, and if thats all the money you have each month- its not worth it. I would apply for things online even be an occasional babysitter!

  • Ehh barely limit.
    If smthng hapoens to you what will you do?
    Het sick or so you need money for medicine etc...

  • It really depends on where you are living. The cost of food items vary