Do girls like skinny guys?

i'm pretty skinny and i think girls like guys with muscles more. i'm 5'11, 125 pounds, so im pretty skinny. im strong for my size though. im kinda attractive i think aside from that.


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  • I definitely prefer muscle. Abs and biceps are almost crucial, might as well say. And I prefer a guy who is taller, too - like around 6'3".


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  • Some do. 125 is very, very, very skinny. Speaking from experience, attention from women is NIGHT and FUCKING DAY compared to skinny to jacked.

    • yeah. i was 145 a couple years ago but i got sick and lost like all my muscle. even then i wasn't very ripped or defined but i had a bit of muscle. and its really hard to build muscle for me tho. i feel like my muscles dont get much bigger no matter how much i workout they just get more dense. your definitely jacked. O. O;

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