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I haven't got a girlfriend yet, why?

anyway before you make assumptions and think I'm a nerdy ugly fat person or something like that , ill tell you who I am. I'm your average 16 year... Show More

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  • A few reasons maybe: (but really 16 isn't that late...i've known decent looking people much older who haven' t had a relationship either)

    1. you know you're good looking...be humble about it but confident still

    2. you said yourself you go for whores...these whores want attention from lots of guys, not just one.

    3. and I'm guessing you haven't asked out those nice girls and that's why you haven't been in a relationship with them.

    4. maybe the right person just hasn't come along yet. I believe its better to be in just a few relationships with really special people than a lot that don't mean as much.

    • Haha yeah , well I know I've made a lot of mistakes and all that but what I hate about my self is that in the past year there have been 2 particular girls that wouldve been perfect for me...but no I kinda let it slide and went for a whore

      now they lost interest and I'm still looking ):

      haha life goes on though and your right I'm young

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  • you sound like me but more male and probably better looking, I know this will be pretty bad advice but if she is really the perfect genuine chick why did you choose the slut over her? yes I know the whole aspect f the maley "needs" but in general? but really relationships mainly in high school aren't so great, the other person takes it too seriously ( we're so in love, we will be forever etc..), and you can't flirt with anyone really and you can't have a bit of fun with some hot random you see at a party, the idea of having someone is nice but overrated, good luck :)

    wow late answer

What Guys Said 1

  • your 16 don't worry about it. high school relationships are pretty much a waste of time

    • Agreeeed man but then again there's that rare couple that get married hahaha not that I wanna get married anytime soon :|

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