I haven't seen him in weeks, what should I do?

I've been seeing this guy for 4 months now (if you include the 3 past weeks I haven't hung out with him! ) The first of the not hanging out weeks I couldn't hang out because I had to babysit even though he asked The second week I had to go to a 40th Birthday party and the part of the weekend... Show More

Thought I should mention we hang out within HIS group of friends who I get on with and are a mix of girls & guys. That's why I have NEVER suggested going out because I couldn't really say "HEY I WANNA GO OUT WITH UR GROUP OF FRIENDS, LETS GO OUT! " haha

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  • Well to him you've spent three weeks away from him, so now its been one week of him away from you? Give it a little more time, don't rush anything. Just stay where he can contact you and hope he does. If he doesn't contact you after another week, then you should come back and update this question, but for now there's no reason to assume he's avoiding you or anything :)

    Just be patient, (i know it hurts), things'll probably become clearer