How do you show girls you're not just another guy?

Maybe I go about hitting on girls all wrong, but i'm tired of listening to guys talk about how they want to bang this girl and hit on this girl and hookup with her tonight. Man I just want to compliment a girl, talk with her for 10 minutes or so and get to know her a little bit and then get her number and just take things slowly and see what happens. You know like take her on dates and learn about one another. I wouldn't have sex with a girl unless i've known her for a couple months or so. I always hear about how such and such met and they had sex 5 days later and now 6 months later they're married. Apparantly it seems a bit rare now to go about it the way I do.


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  • Get to know her show her that you are worth her time

    • That's the thing is how do you get through their shield that keeps them from giving out their number cause they think you just want to hookup? Other than saying it directly. Cause if I can't get them to give out their number then it's hard to convince them that I'm different cause chances are I won't ever see them again.

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    • So you mean you see her at the dairy isle in walmart, I can be like so you go for the 1 percent milk, you know the 2 percent is really where it's at. You're missing out! :P

    • You could she would fall for the humor and then you can tell her your name and shake her hand and poof there you go an instant conversation starter ­čś▒

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  • How to show? well there are plenty of ways to do that.


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  • Maybe try to make the approach more personal? Like find something you have in common with them and comment on it (i. e. "You're wearing a Batman shirt? I think Batman is awesome!"). Just saying they're hot sounds like you're asking to hookup.


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  • Well I mean there are billions of men so we all are just another guy