I have a crush and don't know what to do (it's not that long)?

There's a very strong chance that the guy I like doesn't like me back. He's very friendly/sweet, but that could mean anything. I don't want to ask him directly because I can't lose him as a friend. The risk outweighs the reward.

If I start generally dating again, I can get over him quickly. But if he does like me and I've made myself unavailable... :(

Should I date so I can move on with another great person (and possible lose my shot)? Or should I hold out for something that likely might never happen?

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any more advice? Please?
Aaaany more opinions? Last time I'll bother you guys with an update.


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  • I can see you are faced with a tough choice.


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  • U should just start flirting w him. If he likes you back he'll do the same

    • Thanks, but neither of us are any good at flirting. Besides, every time I apparently have flirted, it was accidental and just an attempt to be friendly, and I know loads of people who just flirt for fun anyway, so I don't know how much meaning it actually has.

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