What should I do?

I gave a girl a Christmas gift the other day and casually asked her out to see a movie sometime. She replied that she was busy coming up (I knew this anyway at the time, but I wanted to see what her response would be) but she would let me know. She also seemed to be in a hurry at the time, but it could be just that I perceived it that way because it felt like a blur to me. She did not open the gift in front of me. I texted her later asking if she liked the gift and she said she absolutely loved it. However, she did not seem interested in texting me at all. I'm wondering: What do you guys think she is thinking? Should I bring up seeing a movie a week from now if she doesn't bring it up herself? Should I leave her alone?


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  • I think it's best to leave her alone.


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  • Leave her alone.