I get the feeling there will be a lot of desperate people at the bar on Saturday night?

i realise thats kind of an odd conclusion to come to but was thinking about things and this weekend is a very odd bar schedule , its unusual here for all the bars to be closed Thursday and Friday nights , since Christmas eve and Christmas are thursday/friday this year they are closed. so that means only night all weekend one can go out is Saturday the day after Christmas. and i have a feeling a lot of singles have a tough time being alone during the holidays and so be going out Saturday for a change of thoughs something to do. and after having being alone and seeing other relatives and friends with signicant others they are going to be on the prowl more than ususal. at least thats my thoughs on this? anyone else have an opinion think i'm on to something or not?


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  • I think a lot of people will be out on saturday! After all just because its after the holidays won't increase it, because people normally go out on a satuday.


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  • I'm single and I took the week off to hang with the fam


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