Guys, would you date a girl who wore colored contacts?

i have dark brown eyes and I wanted to wear hazel contacts or maybe green. Do you think a guy would be turned off once he finds out my eye color is fake? I mean... We all want enhancements, right and people think I look pretty with hazel eyes.


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  • I don't see why not... Although I think it would be a shame to hide what would otherwise be beautiful eyes.


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  • I always recognize colored contacts. Maybe theire were bad qualtity not sure. But I can see it and i don't like it. Its fake its not the person in nature. The eye color is not always what makes eyes nice to look it, its often the shape and the expression they have no matter what color.

    • right but hazel eyes makes my over all appearance improve. with them i look boring. with them i look exotic.

    • do what you are comfortable with.

  • Would not bothered me although I would probably ask how she can be bothered putting them in every day

    • I wouldn't put them on everyday. just on the first few dates...

    • Dates huh... That's not really much of a thing in sweden :3

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  • I d like to wear green contacts :P
    I once bought a pair to try and it took me literally 2h to put the first one on, then another hour and I still couldn t manage the 2nd one.
    so I just let it go, didn t have the patience anymore bahaha.
    I don t think it is a turn off.