Girls, Why do girls have fuck buddy's and boyfriends?

Like I was just talking with my friend tonight I don't understand why do you need both shouldn't your relationship satisfy both needs


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  • Because they want to. If you're worried about it, tell her you want to be monogamous. It's amazing what a little bit of communication can do for you.

    • If I had a girl it would be killing me inside I'd someone besides myself was pleasing her

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    • Well this is just a situation I'm not actually in a relationship most likely never will be I was just curious about this

    • Go see a therapist.

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  • As far as I'm concerned that's cheating to have both.

    • Yeah and it's why I'm afraid to get a girlfriend

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    • I don't.

    • Well I have never had a girlfriend so truthfully I don't know what girls like or have I was just guessing

  • Because we can?

    • This is why I'm afraid to get a girlfriend this exact reason

    • Oh come on. It's obviously cheating and your question just begged for a sarcastic response

    • No I seriously wanna find a good girl