I have a man I'm dealing with that I love the whole time we was talking he told me had three kids on the way I figure he was lying the whole time til?

he actually had them yesterday omg it really made me rethink everything about us.. his babymama doesn't even know about me he took a post off fb because he said she had feelings to.. He spent two days with her at hospital i know cause of the babies but im really getting jealou.. so selfish of me.. he going back tomorrow im so use to him being with me... I have a son to but he three years old n me and my baby father don't have no type of interaction or anything... I don't know rather I should run or stay he tells me he doesn't have feelings for her like he has for me... i fell in love with him i thought we was gone have a future now i c he wasn't bs im like omg... i want a husband n marriage n more babies of my own... I know she gone want them to b a family any mother would want that... I don't know what to do please tell me if its a waste of time? is there any hope


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  • Sorry to hear your so called baby father does not seem to want to step up to the plate.. but I will bet this other guy would.. and he will probably be a great diaper changer in the month's to come as well.. good luck to you


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  • Is he still with her or not?